Discover and share
the joy of cycling.

Let’s instigate change in Cambridge with the Bicycle Revolution way of life!

The Bicycle Revolution Cambridge wants to get loads of our awesome locals moving on two wheels around town.

We will inspire you with awesome events and competitions, load you up with all the info you need and give you a platform to share ideas to make biking easier.

All designed to get you on your wheels and turn Cambridge into the bike lifestyle town it can be!

BOOM. Become part of the Revolution!

We are the Bicycle Revolution!

Cycling means freedom, independence and healthy living; it’s exactly this attitude that we at the Bicycle Revolution want to provide our local community.

Our aim is to give users the possibility to contribute to the livability and engagement of their town through a growing bike culture.

Where it all began…

We have run the Cambridge Cycling Festival in town for four years and more recently the Café Crawl – with the hefty vision of using our wee event as a way to inspire our (not-so-wee anymore) town to bike. 

Then lockdown! We all saw the buckets of people who found their bikes over lockdown – and with the right environment (time, great weather, no cars, boredom…?!...). Our streets were turned into biking boulevards, rugby shorts were on, helmets were on backwards, bikes were being used – and people were loving it!

Even those who didn’t bike, loved it! 
That was enough to throw the kitchen sink at our vision and create a hub and a platform to turn Cambridge into a bike friendly town.

We want to:

  • Provide practical information for everyday people on bikes
  • Run wickedly fun events to inspire and encourage people to move around town
  • Share stories of locals who are feverish about riding their bikes
  • Provide a voice to council and other decision makers for those who want to ride their bikes safely around town
  • Give our community a platform to contribute and have your say
  • Bring together the community to ride their bikes more around town and feel safe doing so!

A great town to ride a bike in is a great town to live in. 
Bring on a Revolution!

Up and Coming Events

Winter sport cycling initiative!

As part of getting our community out there on two wheels, this winter we have launched BIKE TO SPORT Saturdays. Running throughout the whole season, we'll be starting with Football, then Rugby, finishing off with Netball! Go by bike. Less hassle. Free bike parking!

Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Albert Einstein 1879-1955

Thanks so much to the good buggers below for kick starting our Revolution!

Latest News & Good Stuff

Join Us. Join the Revolution!

We want to hear from our locals! At the Bicycle Revolution, it’s very much, the more the merrier, we are dedicated to see change on our streets. We'd love to hear you're stories and your thoughts about what we can be doing and perhaps how you can be involved. Drop us line!