Our Team

Sarah Ulmer

Director of nothing in particular
Wheels of choice: a bike with basket for wine and other necessities.

As well as being the first New Zealander to clinch an Olympic gold medal in cycling, Sarah never strays too far from her two wheels and is feverish about encouraging others. With her unwavering vision, the Cambridge Cycling Festival was born five years ago; a fun, all inclusive event in Cambridge that saw more people on bikes through a fun format, involving current Olympic cyclists, a Street Criterium for the weekend warriors and hundreds of kids whipping up the main street of Cambridge! The event that happens every year on Anzac Day, 25th April and is one of Waipa's most popular events on the calendar!

Sarah has travelled extensively with her cycling career and she has seen first hand what a positive impact a cycle friendly town can have. During lockdown, she gathered her team and the Bicycle Revolution was born!

Miff McDiarmid

Cambridge Cheerleader
Wheels of choice: Currently, on her daughter’s hand me down....upgrade is well overdue, but it gets her from A to B!

A newbie on the block, Miff is our biggest cheerleader; her ever important day job is to promote our amazing town to visitors from near and far as the General Manager of Destination Cambridge. The Cambridge Cycling Festival and now the Bicycle Revolution has just added another spoke to her wheel - so to speak! Found most weekends adventuring with her family around our town, Miff is a keen MTBer and commuter with a husband, 2 kids, dog (called Kat) and a cat. Miff has now joined the Bike Revolution and sees it as a potential game changer for Cambridge and a chance for our town to be an even more special place to live and play.

Penny Thompson

Director of Design & Comms
Wheels of choice:  a very comfortable, sensible town bike...that is slowly getting pimped out with all the bells, whistles...and basket!

Penny has been in the game of making others look good for over 25 years, and it just so happens that she too is a fan of two wheels. She has also been involved with the Cambridge Cycling Festival right from day dot and every year the ideas tank cranks out new visual yumminess. It's proven to be a WIN...WIN for us! 

“ No matter where you live or how far you cycle or how fast you pedal, anyone and everyone can do it”

Jen Palmer

Director of Many Things!
Wheels of choice: When Jen is feeling the need for speed, she leans towards a Specialised Tarmac, but when it’s a more leisurely roll through town, it’s the town bike with the beautiful panniers for the french stick and paté! 

Originally from Ottawa, Canada, Jen together with ‘cycling mad’ hubby Craig are Cambridge locals. The family are passionate cyclists and you'll often see Jen and Craig out together on the road or on the Velodrome. Jen has her finger on the corporate pulse and is super connected - in her ‘spare time’ you can find her on the Board of many organisations throughout the Waikato.

Neil Gibb

The Ideas Man
Wheels of choice: Roadie - discovered joys of Cambridge country roads in recent years. 

Our friend Neil as a number of years on the bike, under his belt and he's brilliant at pulling ideas out of the air when we need a bit of perspective! Neil’s motto: Ride smart not hard.

Thanks so much to the good buggers below for kick starting our Revolution!

Join Us. Join the Revolution!

We want to hear from our locals! At the Bicycle Revolution, it’s very much, the more the merrier, we are dedicated to see change on our streets. We'd love to hear you're stories and your thoughts about what we can be doing and perhaps how you can be involved. Drop us line!