How to encourage your friends and family to cycle

Four tips that will have them having a blast

Just by choosing to #GoByBike, you’re taking meaningful action and setting the right example for your friends and family to show them that cycling is great!

That’s a great first step, but there are more ways to get your loved ones to join you in taking responsible action for the planet. Here are four more ways you can encourage them to get on board with this movement.

1.Tag them in your #GoByBike and #bicyclerevolution photo
Upload your photo to Instagram, tag your friends and family, and in your caption mention a specific landmark or route they should check out, like a great scenic path or a landscape that looks better from the saddle. It’s great to have something to look forward to on a ride, and even something simple like an amazing view can motivate new riders to get out and ride.

2. Cover the basics
Ask if they need help tuning their bike or finding a helmet that fits properly. One of the biggest barriers to cycling can be the gear it requires. Once they have that taken care of, they’re likely to ride more often. You can even give them advice on who to talk to at your favourite local shop and give them tips on what they’ll need for their first rides.

3. Plan safer routes
Maybe your friends and family want to ride, but just don’t know where to do it! Show them the Google Maps bike route feature, or send them a map of your local bike paths. Once they know ride routes, they’ll feel more comfortable heading out on their own. The Bicycle Revolution has a new cycling map launching soon with all the local cycle paths and connections, on and off road!

4. Ride to cool places
Being on a bike is a reward in itself, but there’s a whole lot more to riding than bikes. You can make any ride extra special with a fun destination or mid-ride stop. Pro tip: an ice cream shop is always a good idea. A great destination turns a standard ride into a fun excursion and makes the idea of choosing a bike over a car much less intimidating.

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