Local Legend #1 - Rick Bosacker

Who are you (and what do you do?) 
I'm Rick Bosacker.  I'm a dad, husband, doctor...and advocate for active transportation and connected communities.

How long have you been riding?
I fell in love with the freedom of cycling at age five and never stopped pedalling! 

What bike or bikes do you ride? 
I don't think you can have too many bikes...but my wife might argue this point?  Currently, my daily ride is the "Hans' Hauler", a Diamond Back hybrid with a tray-rack on back ('94?  before they changed Diamondback to one word). "Sherpa" is my longtail cargo bike ('90).  I have a Kona Kahuna hardtail mountain bike.  "Origami" is my folding bike.  My Novara entry level road bike is named "Sound & Vision".  I have a single speed named "Captain America" and a 53-year-old Schwinn Collegiate, "The Fickle Pickle".  I believe it's bad luck not to name your bikes. :-)

Why do you ride? 
I cycle because moving under my own power at a human scale pace connects me with my community and the world around me.  It just makes me happy.  The exercise is nice too!

Favourite ride? 
My favourite rides are any place new and different that I haven't been before.  I love to explore everything from urban neighbourhoods to the bush.  I'm always exploring safer ways to get my family and myself where we want to go. 

Why have you joined the Revolution and what's your vision for Cambridge?
I've joined the Revolution to help grow Cambridge as a safer, more liveable, connected, and healthy community where everyone from birth to 100, athlete to novice, can experience the joy of cycling.