Local Legend #2 - Nicola Turner

Who are you (and what do you do?) 
I’m Nicola Turner and I have a social enterprise called Mainstream Green which is all about making sustainability easy, normal and feel good. I have two children, one husband and a worm farm. 
How long have you been riding? 
I was always on my bike as a kid, but I had a long hiatus and decided middle-age was a great time to get back into it! I’m probably best described as an ‘urban cruiser’ and use my bike to get to the office and around town.
What bike/s do you ride? 
A Specialized one that I found secondhand on TradeMe. I chose it because it is super comfortable and has a low step-through to make it easier to hop on and off when I was riding with a child carrier. It looks like it should be electric but if you have ever seen me ride up a hill you will realise that it definitely is not.
Why do you ride? 
Because I need to get places! Getting around by bike gets me outside, keeps me moving, reduces my emissions, is super social, and I love that I can always find a park. 
Favourite ride? 
My favourite rides are the ones that make me feel part of the community. It’s cool riding into Meraki co-working space in town where I work  - I always see so many people I know on the way. I’m also a huge fan of riding to the Farmers Market with the kids on the weekend. It’s awesome running into lots of people we know and I love filling up my panniers with heaps of fresh local produce and a few cheeky Volare treats for the weekend. 
Why have you joined the Revolution and what’s your vision for Cambridge?
Because I want to be part of a home-town movement to get more people riding. Getting on our bikes is better for our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet and it just feels really damn good!