Let’s make streets in Cambridge more vibrant and attractive for kids to walk and bike to school!

In 2018, the Waipa District Council asked Cambridge parents as part of the Safe Ways to School survey how they would like their children to get to school each day.

More than 70 per cent said they would love for their child to bike, scooter or walk. But, only if it was safe.  

The following year, we asking Cambridge residents through the Cambridge Town Concept Plan Refresh what they wanted to see for the future of their town. Improving walking and cycling infrastructure was highlighted as a top priority. Now it’s time to make this a reality and make our streets for people.


JUNE – NOVEMBER 2020 - During this time we spoke to schools, parents, kids, business owners and residents at a local rest home to hear their thoughts on where the tricky or dangerous parts of our streets were.

NOW – Using that feedback, we’ve now created a plan to address some of these issues. 

FEBRUARY 2021 - We'll start implementing the changes. 

MARCH 2021 - Once the changes are in place, you'll have the opportunity to let us know what you think. 

So c'mon Cambridge, let's make our streets for people.

Join Us. Join the Revolution!

We want to hear from our locals! At the Bicycle Revolution, it’s very much, the more the merrier, we are dedicated to see change on our streets. We'd love to hear you're stories and your thoughts about what we can be doing and perhaps how you can be involved. Drop us line!